Fighting The Good Fight

I really wish that I was referring to Setup related issues when I mention Fighting the Good Fight. Unfortunately, I am once again talking about the fight for survival against cancer.

Tomorrow morning my wonderful wife ( of nearly elevent years ) Cheryl will be undergoing liver surgery to attempt to deal with a metastatic tumor. The following months will involve additional surgery to deal with a lung tumor and many, many rounds of chemotherapy. With any luck the surgery will deal with the localized problems and the chemo will take care of the systemic problems.

So I once again come to you and ask that you please keep my wife and family in your thoughts, hearts and prayers in any way that you can.

4 thoughts on “Fighting The Good Fight

  1. Christopher Painter

    Thanks guys!

    Today was a good day for Cheryl as her surgery went well. The doctor was able to ablate the tumor. Cheryl is recovering in the hospital and will be home tomorrow. I'm sure she can't wait to get home and update her journal with more detail. Until then, thank you so much for all of your prayers and support.

  2. Tim Owers


    I've just spent the last ten days in hospital and came home this morning so have only just read about Cheryl's operation. I do so hope she a reasonably comfortable and happy Christmas day at home. There's still much for her to endure I know, but with a strong family and all friends around here – no problem! Good to luck to her and strength to you my friend.


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