Where would you go?

I’ve been a bit exhuasted and cranky lately as we get into the tail end of my wife’s chemotherapy treatments. (Only 3 more to go!) We really need a vacation badly but we probably won’t get a chance until this fall. Other then the obvious answer ( Wherever your wife wants to go! ) Where would you go spend a week to relax if you had a chance?

As an aside, I sometime look at my referral logs and some of you guys live in places I’d really love to visit.

6 thoughts on “Where would you go?

  1. bob

    Fly into Cancun, and go to the Palladium Resort. It's a very fairly priced all-inclusive resort that's quiet, pretty, has reasonable food and sunny. It's also child-friendly, if that matters.

  2. Sairen

    Costa Rica. It's a small country, so you can enjoy both the beaches and the rain forest in a week. Plus, your dollar will still go a long way down there.

    If you want to stay domestic, I'd go to a little place called Lake Quinault on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. Very – VERY relaxing.

  3. Word Weary

    I highly recommend the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. It has all the charm of Italy, just about all of the same food, but at much less cost. If you go in September, you'll find that most of the tourists are gone, and while it is getting cooler, the sea is still swimmable. Plus, there are plenty of chances to take in some history if you're interested. If you want more info or some photos, just let me know.

  4. Andy M-S

    If you want to stay domestic, I highly recommend the Olde Rittenhouse Inn in Bayfield, WI. It's right on Lake Superior and, while it us undoubtedly busier than it used to be, it's far enough removed from the larger part of civilization that you can probably (still) manage to ignore the outside world.

  5. Tim Owers

    I'm not much of a 'relaxing' holiday type of person, gimme a city over a beach anyday. That said I did like all the New England states, but I suppose I'd vote for the English Lake District as a great place to relax and top up the ol'batteries.

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