InstallAware Email Thread … Is this for real?

I came across a very interesting email thread that is really far out there. I almost want to believe it’s a fake but having dealt with InstallAware and Michael Nesmith in the past, I can only conclude that it’s legit.

You can read the exchange here at

9 thoughts on “InstallAware Email Thread … Is this for real?

  1. Anonymous

    Same here. I asked InstallAware two questions, I reported a (serious) bug and received "You have now been banned from all access to InstallAware". Heeee?


    I Googled for "installation system" and bought a product from one of their competitors (with top notch service). Rene

  2. Anonymous

    We had a similar problem with InstallAware. Unbelievable. I asked a question and they told me I should "go to hell". Of course, I purchased another VERY GOOD product (Google for software installation and you'll find it).

    And the we are "Now Second Largest Setup Toolkit with Discontinuation of Wise Products" is a lie.

    InstallAware sucks!

  3. Anonymous

    I also have very bad experiance from from InstallAware. I was banned from there forums becuase I reported a bug that I was not able to describe at 100%. I was right, there was a bug but it was not exactly what I described from them. They told me I was banned since I wasted there resources since I should have gived them a 100% description of the bug. 🙂

    here are 2 links to other threads on there forums that shows what InstallAware realy stands for…..

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