InstallAware Complimentary License Announcement

Update: Per Sinan, this offer has expired.

In a recent blog comment, Sinan Karaca posted:

In fact, anybody reading this blog and wanting to check out just how revolutionary InstallAware is, send sales at an email with the subject “Painter License” and we’ll send out a complimentary Developer license your way. Till this Friday only 🙂


Well, who am I to pass up an opportunity for my readers to get a free copy of InstallAware? So if you feel like trying something new to fire off your email request.

Note: InstallAware requires a non-anonymous email address ( no gmail, yahoo, msn ) and is not affialated with InstallAware and has no role or responsibility in this give away promotion.

5 thoughts on “InstallAware Complimentary License Announcement

  1. Aaron Shurts

    I have a couple questions, I hope you are still checking out this topic.

    1. Is there a way to view the tables in the IDE, I am not seeing a way and searching the help files didn't net me any information.

    2. I need to manually add Class and TypeLib information that is not added by self-registration, is there a way to do this?

    3. Running ICE Checks from the application produces very different results than what Orca produces on the compiled MSI. Is it suppressing messages intentionally?

    4. Why is dialog editing only available in the Studio product? That seems like core functionality to not include in a developer product.

    That's what I have at the moment. I am sure there will be more.

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