IsWiX 4.1.17105.1 Released

IsWiX 4.1.17105.1  has been release and can be found over here at GitHub.


Yes, GitHub. Although we’ve been happily using CodePlex for the past 7 years we are being forced to move because Microsoft has decided not to bother trying to compete in this space. It’s a shame because CodePlex used to be the .NET platform of choice and could have been easily updated to support Git since TFS/VSTS supports Git.

This attitude from the new Microsoft is also why I was forced to move my company website to HostGator / WordPlex.  The Office 365 team decided they weren’t going to bother supporting SharePoint public websites anymore even though I was perfectly happy with that product also.  I figured I might as well switch from Blogger to WordPress while I was at it.

With all that out of the way…..  So, what’s in this release you ask?

  • Support for FG-WiX / WEP  AppX packaging.  ( This will be it’s own blog article soon. )
  • An anonymous IsWiX user contributed funds for me to purchase an ISWIX LLC code signing cert so that IsWiX could be signed once again.  Thank you!   I’m sorry it took a few months, dealing with Dun and Bradstreet is a real pain.
  • Migration to GitHub.

The AppX packaging is an interesting new feature and our first support for a WiX feature that isn’t available in the FOSS version of WiX.  I paused when considering to do that feature but thought it would be interesting and useful enough to go ahead and do it.