IsWiX 4.11.17128.2 Released

IsWiX 4.11.17128.2 is now available here.

A few months ago I mentioned our Visual Studio 2017 Support Roadmap.    Microsoft introduced many breaking changes in VS2017 including breaking an existing installation of VS2015 by deleting EnvDTE from the system.  Wow, I guess they don’t remember their own Component Rules they wrote 20 years ago to address DLL hell.

To be honest, with VS2017 problematic and the WiX team was debating what their plan was going to be, I didn’t really have a plan. (Is hope a plan?)    WiX ended up taking the approach of splitting Votive out of their bootstrapper.  I personally think this is a bad user experience but oh well.

With VS2017 shipped on March 7 and WiX shipped on May 5 I decided it was time to take a look and see what the way forward would be.  At first I started down the path of writing a custom action to call the new COM interop provided by the VS team when I realized that the WiX team had already done this work in the VS extension.  Sweet.   Then I hit another wall.  Visual Studio no longer scans the ProjectTemplates directory when you call DevEnv /setup.


At the end of the day I rewrote the VS Extension to distribute the project templates as part of the VSIX manifest deployed via MSI.  The end result?  An ISWIX installer that behaves just like it always has.  No  bootstrapper,  no separate VSIX packges… just one MSI that registers the AddIn and Project Templates for one to many Visual Studio 2010 – 2017.

Man I love it when a plan comes together!  OK, fine, I love it when I just get lucky every once in awhile.   So there you go, IsWiX now supports VS2017.  You can get it here.