IsWiX 4.11.18042.1 Released

A new release of IsWiX has been published here at GitHub.  There are three bug fixes and one new feature in this release:

AppX – Don’t display information dialog unless use clicks hyperlink.

FilesAndFolder- Properly display destination files that don’t have an extension.

General Information- Generate new guids if guids are empty (…) alternative

ShortCuts- Always expand destination tree structure.

Never used IsWiX or don’t undertand how it works?  Then check out our training materials at iswix-tutorials.

I just used IsWiX to create an n-tier deployment solution consisting of client, database and iis/ pieces.  The solution contains four bootstrappers, six setup projects and seven merge modules.  With IsWiX it only took 17 hours.    On YouTube I have videos of being able to create  a desktop application, windows service and website in just 2-3 minutes.    This is the application code *AND* the installer code.     Are your tools that fast?