Monthly Archives: January 2019

IsWiX 4.13.1 Released

A couple of years ago I added support for authoring AppX packages to IsWiX. With this release I’ve caught up and added support for authoring MSIX packages.

There is a catch though. The ability to author AppX and MSIX packages isn’t found in the free version of Windows Installer XML. It’s found in the FireGiant version. This means installing the FireGiant branch of WiX or installing the FireGiant WiX Expansion Pack.

You can find out more on FireGiants website but basically WiX allows you to build an MSI, AppX and now MSIX all at the same time using one WiX project. IsWiX provides graphical templates and graphical designers to make that a lot easier. How easy? Consider the desktop-tutorial found in iswix-tutorials. With FG-WiX and IsWiX you simply follow the steps in the desktop-tutorial and then add the following:

  • Add a reference to FgMsixExtension.wixext in Votive
  • Use the MSIX designer in IsWiX to define a new MSIX element providing it the subject name from your code signing certificate
  • Assign the RSA thumbprint of your code signing certificate to the MSBuild property MSIXCertificateThumbprint during the build.

That’s pretty much all there is to it to create a basic MSIX containing one app. So if you have a need to create APPX or MSIX packages then consider IsWiX and FG-WIX for your solution. If you have more questions or need assistance I’m always available to assist on a consulting basis.