IsWiX 4.14.1 Released

The origins for IsWiX began back in the golden era of blogging (2008) when I first wondered if I should roll my own tool.

About a year later I was firmly working on project WiXShield

I had just learned LINQ to XML and WPF but I wasn’t really comfortable with WPF yet so I decided to use WinForms for the project. Today I begin the work of undoing that decision by releasing IsWiX 3.14.1.

In this release, the FireworksFramework component of WiX has been rewritten in WPF and split out into a reusable NuGet package for other people who want to write IsWiX like applications. Fireworks / IsWiX was originally conceived this way but were merged back together years later out of convenience. Now that we have better CI-CD pipelines and Nuget packages they are once again separate entities.