DTF Bug with new Windows 10 Apps and Features

One of my customers came across an uninstall issue on Windows 10 and shot me an email.  It seems Windows 10 has a new way of adding and removing software: The problem was users were calling into my customers helpdesk reporting the uninstall being blocked by a custom action. The common theme was that uninstall Read more about DTF Bug with new Windows 10 Apps and Features[…]

Building and Deploying a Windows Desktop Application using IsWiX

I posted a quick, low budget (silent) video on YouTube demonstrating how to create a basic windows desktop application using Visual Studio / C# / WPF, package it using WiX / IsWiX and finally test the install and uninstall.  The entire process is two minutes. The flow goes like this: Step 1: Create the application and Read more about Building and Deploying a Windows Desktop Application using IsWiX[…]

IsWiX 5th Anniversary Release 3.0.15106.1

IsWiX is coming up on 5 years old. Wow!  Where did the time go? It has been such an interesting journey.  The year was 1996 and I was fresh out of the Marine Corps traveling the world as a DoD contractor.  Over the next year I experienced the pain caused by poor deployment planning and crappy installers.  I Read more about IsWiX 5th Anniversary Release 3.0.15106.1[…]

WiX v3.10.1124.0 Release

The WiX Toolset team did their first v3.10 weekly release: v3.10.1124.0 Weekly releases are basically developer beta test builds and are not final releases.  This release is interesting to me because it includes Visual Studio 2015 support.  I’ve tested this build with VS2015 Preview and IsWiX 2.5.14324.3  and I find everything is working just fine.  I Read more about WiX v3.10.1124.0 Release[…]