Industrial Strength Windows Installer XML

IsWiX makes authoring Windows Installer XML (WiX) Windows Installers (.MSI) a breeze. It includes Visual Studio project templates and graphical designers to aid you in authoring 95-100% of your source code.  From there you can author additional code using standard WiX programming techniques.

IsWiX is hosted at GitHub.


The Fireworks framework is an open source NuGet library for creating single page applications that graphically design XML documents.  It is the reusable foundation of IsWiX.

Fireworks is hosted at GitHub and NuGet.

Vantive XML Express for .NET

Vantive XML Express for .NET (VXEN) is a .NET based SDK for interacting with the Vantive XML Express API.

VXEN is hosted at GitHub and is available as a Nuget package.